Tika New Entrants stationery packs can be purchased directly from Office Products, 20 Christopher Street, Tauranga for $58.75.
For a small fee they can deliver to your home ordering online here The Back to School Store.  In the past we have had great feedback regarding the online service.

Alternatively stationery requirements for Tika New Entrants are below.  If you choose to use another provider then please ensure that you try and get the correct products.  Many thanks.

1 x Coloured Pencil Staedtler Luna pkt/12 (1008837)
1 x Whiteboard Lapboard Fm Dudes Double Side (1501082)
1 x Masking Tape 24mm x 50m (4502149)
1 x My Everyday Exercise Book 1 Warwick Unruled (7096479)
1 x Magazine Rack Black (7500153)
3 x Glue Stick Amos 35g (7500490)
2 x Sharpie Marker Fine Black (7501520)
3 x Whiteboard Marker Compact Black Staedtler (7501684)
6 x 1A4 Warwick Exercise Book (7502834)
1 x 1G2 Warwick Exercise Book (7502848)
2 x My Literacy Book 1 Exercise Book 14 mm Rule War (7524337)
1 x My Maths Book 1 Exercise Book Unruled Warwick (7524341)
6 x Faber Castell Junior Triangular Pencil Each (BAY116527) 
1 x Journal Bag Large 360x290mm (BTS056)