Our Year 5 and 6 team had a fantastic start to the term, venturing to Totara Springs camp in Matamata for three days during Week One.  There they experienced a variety of outdoor learning activities, supported by our very capable parent helpers.  This year, the weather was on our side and we were fortunate to be able to maximise the outdoors and the excellent facilities the camp provides us with.  We are blessed to be apart of such a wonderful community, and we wish to thank all the parents who accompanied us on another memorable Aroha experience.

Foam slide at camp - written by Sara Szulakowski Room 8

I saw people face-planting into the foam at the end of the slide.

I felt my heart hammering in my chest as I dived onto the tarpaulin. 

I saw a blur of white stuff (which was probably the foam) as I skimmed across the slide.

I heard a shriek of excitement as another person slid down.

I felt the foam sticking to my face as I landed in the pile of  bubbly substance face-first.

I heard the water dancing around me as a wave of snow white foam flew into the air.

I wondered if we would have enough time for another turn.