A visit to the Marae written by Nina Young Room 5

Last Thursday at 9:15 Rooms 1,2,3,4,5 and 10 travelled to the Wairoa Marae for a visit because we wanted to find out what a marae was like.

When we stood outside the gate girls at the front, boys at the back, and all the teachers dotted around us I felt so amazed because I had never seen a marae before. It was just like Whaea Tamoe and Matua Iwi had described it. The angry tekoteko wasn’t scary at all!!!

And then I heard this beautiful wailing cry and it made me feel so calm, and we started to oh so slowly walk forwards until we reached the steps of the Wharenui which means ‘meeting house’ in Maori.

Next we had to pull off our sandals and stuffed them in our bags and then place our bags on either side of the Wharenui, girls on the right boys on the left. After we got seated it was time for the powhiri.

I think after the powhiri we had morning tea and for morning tea we had banana, oranges, sausage rolls, biscuits and a packet of chips. I had everything there!!!!

After that we were let out to play and Jules, Zac and I did skipping. Not very long after that we all had to split into 2 groups. My group Rooms 5, 4 and 10 did Kapa Haka with Matua Iwi and we also learnt about a weapon.

Half an hour later we switched groups and we learnt about carvings. But all too soon we had to pack up and trudge to the bus to go back to school. It was a wonderful day and I’ve learnt a lot!

Marae written by George Holmberg Room 5

Yesterday all the middle school went to Wairoa Marae.

When we arrived at the Marae, we got in line, girls at the front, boys at the back. Then we had a few moments in silence until we heard the faint cry of the Kuia, whaea Tamoe’s mum. Soon we started waddling through the gateway to the Marae ground. We didn’t stop until we were right in front of the Marae. Then the Kuia said a few words and pointed to the toilets.

Afterwards, we entered the wharenui for the speeches. The boys were flanked around the girls, so the boys could protect the girls. Whaea’s uncle’s speech was so long I thought it would last forever. After it was done Whaea’s uncle and mum sang a waiata. Later Mr Fuller stood up and did a speech too. Then we exited the wharenui and entered the wharekai.

Our lunch was served by the marae people and it was delicious. I had a sausage roll, a piece of apple, a cookie and a bag of twisties. The water there had a hint of lemon in it.  At playtime me and my friends played ball tiggy. After lunch we got separated into two groups for activities. I was in Matua Iwi’s group. We did some Kapa Haka and learning about the taiaha. It was extremely fun and I learnt heaps about the taiaha. Suddenly Whaea Tamoe opened the door. It was time to swap.

Inside, Whaea’s mum told us about the carvings. It was so interesting I learnt a lot about the maori war, the maori culture and heaps of things like that. Finally the Kuia sang a farewell waiata and we left.

What a lovely trip and I hope to go again.