This terms focus is: How do I let the Holy Spirit work through me?

All students are learning about the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit working within us.

The school will focus on the value of Mercy this year. Mercy is defined as empathy or love that manifests itself in action that is practical and thoughtful, warm and open, respectful and enabling. The value of mercy is inextricably linked to compassion, justice, dignity, excellence, hospitality, stewardship.

We continue our focus on ‘Service.’ To support at home you can talk to your child about the service that they do at home. Even the daily small tasks we do can be to glorify God by doing what we do with love and care for others. 

Sursum Corda. Sursum Corda is taking a break until after the Production. The will no longer be singing at the Saturday night mass on the 12th May.

Sacramental Programme. Please continue to pray or the students who are now preparing to receive the sacrament of Confirmation. Bishop Steve will be Confirming them on Sunday 20th May 2pm.

Praying the Rosary every Monday afternoon at 2.30pm

Learn how to pray the Rosary every Monday the Cluny Chapel.  Books are available to follow along.  

Teresa Rush