PB4L at St Mary’s allows us to have....

  • consistency in the language we use
  • consistency in what is taught and learned
  • consistency in the way our school values
  • are the cornerstone of everything we do

This week our focus has been:

I am proud of the work I do and try to do my best

Alana from Pono Tahi reflected on this focus, sharing her work on Seesaw.
‘I am proud of my 3D cube. I tried really hard to make it look as good as I could.”

Seth from Pono Rua also reflected on this focus,
‘I am proud of my writing because I tried hard to use lots of adjectives.  I added detail to describe people and my writing had lots of interesting parts.”

We will be learning about the following expectations during the next few weeks of this term:

Week 4: I use my inside voice

Week 5: I look after my belongings and classroom equipment

Week 6: I walk on decks and pathways

Lisa Broadmore
PB4L Leader/Coach