Prayers for the Meehan familyPlease keep the Meehan family in your prayers. Anselm Meehan passed away on Thursday night. We pray for his wife Leonie, and his family. Anslem is Anna McKinnon, Joanne Meehan and Nicola Meehan’s Father, and Grandfather to Dolores McMaster who are all members of our staff. 

Sacramental programme
Please keep our students who are making their First Eucharist this weekend. May they always know that God is with them and have the opportunity to receive Eucharist continually throughout their life. It is a very exciting time for the students and we wish them all the best on their very special day.

Thank you to the staff from school and the parish who have prepared them. We are grateful for these faithful people volunteering their time and love to guide our children on their faith journey.

Pastoral Care
We have an active pastoral care system in place for when an event happens in the life of your family that you may need support with.  A birth, death, sickness or financial hardship can be some instances where we can provide support as a School Community. Pastoral Care includes meals, kindly supplied by the PTA or assistance with fees or uniforms. Please contact Anna MacKinnon if you require assistance.  

Cluny Foundation Charitable Trust
The Cluny Trust was established to assist and advance students and other members of the St Mary’s Catholic community in Tauranga.  

Specifically, the purpose of the trust is to help students who are in need of assistance to enable participation in educational and extracurricular activities.

Please pick up a pamplet from the school office if you would like more information.

Catholic Convention
An amazing three days attended by Bishops, Priests, Catholic educators, Board of Trustees and others associated with our national Catholic education system. 

Keynote speakers included Dame Therese Walsh; Professor Br David Hall; Fr. Daniel Horan; David Wells.

School Feast Day - Friday 6 July
Friday we will celebrate our school feast day. On this day we will also take part in mufti mania - Caritas More information will follow shortly in regards to the school’s feast day. 

This year our aim is to have students actively serve in our community. 
We would like to acknowledge Luke Tustin who altar serves. He is our only student who altar servers within our school and parish community.  
May others be inspired to become altar servers. Please see Teresa Rush if your son or daughter would like to become an altar server. 

Cluny Sisters News
The Sisters of Saint Joseph of Cluny have a new Superior General, Sister Clare Stanley SJC - the first African woman to be chosen to lead the congregation. She was elected by all the Sisters gathered in their General Chapter in Paris. May the Lord bless Sister Clare in her work of leadership and service for the Sisters throughout the world.

“It is quite an historic event as Sr Clare is the first African woman to be chosen as our leader. Anne Marie Javouhey was the first woman missionary to Africa from France about 200 years ago and was instrumental in making sure local men and women were sent for training as priest and religious for Africa” (Sister Allison)

Please continue to keep Sister Allison, Sister Emile and Sister Gabrielle in your prayers as they travel to France and Ireland. 

Mark’s Gospel 
We are delighted that Father John Jolliffe SM is offering some talks on Mark’s Gospel, the Gospel we read from most Sundays during this liturgical year: “Following Jesus Christ in Mark’s Gospel” 
The talks are at the following times: 

St Mary Immaculate Church - 6pm  
Tuesday 26th June 
Tuesday 3rd July

St Joseph’s,  Te Puna - 10am 
Friday 22nd June 
Friday 29th June 

Please let Margie from the parish office know (578 6209) if you will be attending at either time, to give Father John some idea of how many to expect.

St Mary’s staff have been fortunate that Fr John has been leading professional development on Lectio Divina and Mark’s Gospel. 

Teresa Rush