Term 2 seems to have flown by and here we are at the end of it already.  I’m sure you’re all ready for a chance to wind down for the next 2 weeks and recoup somewhere out of this chilly weather.

As our DRS mentioned in the last Newsletter, a number of teachers and Board members were fortunate to attend the NZ Catholic Education Convention in Wellington in early June.  This is an event that comes around every 3 years and is an excellent forum for those involved in Catholic Schools to reconnect with their core purpose, get updated on new teaching methods and principles based on our Catholic premise, upcoming RE curriculum changes, and review processes, and listen to teachings from some very wise and faithful educators.

The theme of the Convention was ‘Christ’s Call: To Love, To Be, To Do’, and a common thread throughout the key speakers related to ‘Accompaniment’. That we are not alone on our journey, but must be open to receiving that help and enlightenment with those that accompany us.  A very uplifting message.

One key speaker, David Wells, I found particularly inspirational.  Check out some of his talks on YouTube if you have time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J8VYCdYPOgM

On that note, have a fabulous holiday break all, and take care

God Bless

Claire Stott, BOT Chair