What a fantastic finish to term two we have had.

Basketball World Cup

At the recent Year 5/6 Basketball World Cup, our St Mary’s team of Caden Lowe, Jayden Hyland, Kiwa Kahura, Finn Curragh, Oliver Grosso, Pateriki Paaka, Emma Rogers and Holly Fausett competed as Puerto Rico.  Not only did they have a fantastic time, the team came runner up in the best dressed competition and finish 5th out of the 32 teams who competed.  On behalf of everybody involved I would like to say a huge thank you to Lisa Hyland, who coached the team for a very full on and long day.

South Cluster Cross Country Championships

St Mary’s competed as part of the South Cluster Cross Country Championship team, where the top 15 finishers in each age group qualified for Western Bay of Plenty Cross Country Championships.  It was an outstanding day, run in perfect cross country conditions and St Mary’s results were a great reflection of the day.  Our results were Year 6 Girls: Holly Fausett 1st, Emma Rogers 3rd.  Year 6 Boys we had a clean sweep of: Reef Joseph 1st, Jacob Kleinsmith 2nd, Aidan Dobbs 3rd and Caden Lowe 5th. Year 5 Girls: Summer-Ann Joseph 1st, Eva Jeffries 3rd, Imogen Williamson 5th, Sophia Mason 6th.  Year 4 Girls: Areta Kahura 1st, India-Rose Scholes 4th, Cleo Sands 6th and Naimh O’Connor 7th. Year 4 Boys: Sidney Orchard finished 6th.

Western Bay of Plenty Cross Country Championships 

From there our students competed in the Western Bay of Plenty Cross Country Championships to qualify for the BoP Cross Country Championships, where 420 students from 92 different schools competed.  The BoP Cross Country Championships is the pinnacle cross country event for our school and all of our students ran with courage, conviction and determination.  Congratulations to the following students who ran very well to achieve their great results.  

Eva Jeffries 23rd 9 Year Old Girls.  Holly Fausett 1st and Emma Rogers 5th 10 Year Old Girls.  Reef Joseph 5th and Jacob Kleinsmith 9th 10 Year Old Boys. A special mention for our new Bay of Plenty Champion.  Congratulations Holly Faucett.  The best in the Bay!

Argos Gymsport Competition 

A team of 13 Gymnasts represented St Mary’s School and competed in the annual inter-school Gymsports festival.  After many many hours of training and learning routines for beam, floor, vault and trampoline we came away with many medals, certificates and super happy girls. The routines were flawless on the day and their attitudes were outstanding.  Well done girls all your hard work paid off. Our team was lead by the amazing Megan Wills had some incredible results.  

These results are not only a reflection of the passion of Megan, but also of our enthusiastic gymnastics students.

Addison Sands-6th overall and 1st team overall

Cleo Sands-5th overall and 1st team overall

Liae Yang -1st floor, 1st vault, 2nd beam, 2nd overall, 1st team overall

Grace Gundry placed 13th floor, 5th vault, 23rd beam

Summer Joseph 23rd floor, 8th vault, 9th beam

Alana Perrett 16th floor, 7th vault, beam 4th

Eva Jefferies 1st floor, 1st vault, 4th beam, 1st overall and 1st team overall

Briar Grace 1st vault, 4th beam, 2nd floor, 1st team overall

Isla Martin 5th floor, 2nd vault, 30th Beam, 1st team overall

Greer Wakelin 3rd floor, 10th beam, 6th beam, 1st team overall

Milla Mason 16th floor, 10th vault, 9th beam, 1st team overall

Isla Wills 1st trampoline, 6th floor, vault 2nd, beam 6th, 6th overall

Olivia Williamson 1st floor, 1st vault, 3rd beam, 1st overall

For the first time in quite a while we had two Rythmic Gymnasts compete at the same competition.  Congratulations to Sophie Van Den Borst who finished 4th in the Club Level year 3/4 competition and Imogen Williamson who finished 2nd in the Club Level year 5/6 competition.

North Island Synchronised Swimming Championships

Yeva Parshikova competed in the North Island Synchronised Swimming Championships that were held in Wellington on 18-20 May. The competition attracted over 80 athletes from the North Island.  Yeva achieved the following fantastic results:

12 & under Figures       3rd      (in a large field, and in her first year competing in this category)  

12 & under Team          2nd