Hello St Mary’s Catholic School families! We are now into the second half of the year – dramatically scary to say the least! However, us drama and communications enthusiasts have not let the year get away on us, thus we have thrown ourselves into comps, exam prep and performance pieces across the speech and drama and communication skills syllabuses. 

We’ve been busy!

As we nearer mid-July, we have several speech and drama students – Sophia Mason, Gia Dumbleton, Ivy Barrett-Hodgson, Imogen and Saoirse Williamson, Chloe Evans, Eve Jeffries, Amelia Muller, Abby Moore and Lila Drummond – all gearing up for the Tauranga Performing Arts Competitions, Speech and Drama Section, to be held in at Baycourt from 12th – 14th July - best of luck all!

Heading into August from 21st – 23rd, we also have several students sitting Trinity College London Speech and Drama, Acting in Pairs, Group Scripted and Communication Skills exams. 

It will be all systems go closer to comps – and much holiday practise for exams no doubt – so we wish them a rewarding journey and experience ahead and look forward to hearing all about!

Term’s 3 and 4 will also see all St Mary’s speech and drama students preparing play scripts for an end-of-year Xmas concert to be performed for fellow students, teachers and parents – stay tuned for the date!

Wishing all families a safe and enjoyable mid-year break ahead! All speech and drama queries should be directed to Dee Ellwood: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 021 581917.

Dee Ellwood and the St Mary’s Catholic School Speech and Drama Students