Please pray for Ben Fuller and his whanau

Ben’s mother, Freda passed away unexpectedly last weekend.  Please pray for Ben, Gen and family during this very sad and difficult time. 

Hehu Karaiti-Jesus -  Term 3 Religious Education

This term our teaching focus is on Jesus- Hehu Karaiti and our school value Truth- Tika

Students will be reflecting on the main question: 

How can I be an excellent follower of Jesus?

The focus for each area of the school is:

Tika and Maramatanga:  Jesus my friend, Jesus showed his love in different ways.

Whakapono: Jesus gives himself in the Eucharist; Jesus came to show people how to live and lead them to God.

Aroha:  The Life of Jesus; Jesus - the fullness of God’s revelation.


This week I would like to highlight the great service provided by the students who run the “Fun Factory” This club is open on Tuesday and Thursday lunchtime by room 10.

Milli Banbury, Lottie Mann, Willow Murie, Fenella Price, India Scholes, Niamh O’Connor and Cleo Sands from Whakapono.

“The Fun Factory is where kids who don’t have anyone to play with can come to play games, do art, read books. When they are here we talk to them and see how they are going.” -  Milli Banbury.

“We started it because when I was walking around the school one day we noticed people without friends sitting around trees doing nothing.”  - Willow Murie

“We thought that we should do something to help people make friends.”  - Lottie Mann

Farewell Father Danny

Students, Staff and community farewelled Father Danny last week with a Liturgy. We gave God thanks for Father Danny and all he has done for us. We wish him well in his new appointment as Parish Priest in Melville and Hospital Chaplin. 

Father Danny has done many things for our school. You have taught many students the wonders of God and I have learnt an amount from you too. If you hadn’t have come to St Mary’s, I don’t think I would know much about R.E as I do now. You’ve made a huge contribution to our school in the time you’ve been here. We will all miss you and we wish you the very best in continuing your journey as a priest. 

(Samuel - Aroha)

Dear Fr Danny I’m so sad that today I am writing to say goodbye to you. so, I have decided more to focus on the positive memories you have made at St Marys. 

You are a truly amazing person and you inspire me to love God with all my heart and to continue to do so all my life.

Your beautiful kind spirit has touched the hearts of not just the children but the school staff and the teachers too. 

(Sophia - Aroha)

Thank you Father Danny for your committement and service to St Mary’s School.  We will miss you! 

School Feast Day

Thank you for all your support on the School feast day. All the students had a great day. It was fantastic to see the students interacting with learning in their house groups and the way the seniors helped the junior students. The learning based on Blessed Anne Marie Javouhey was excellent and many students really amazed us with their knowledge and thoughts about how we serve God today.

Teresa Rush