Mayoral Visit

Last Monday we went to the council chambers to meet the Mayor Greg Brownlees. There were lots of other students that come from different countries and lots of our friends from Korea were there. We were all in our school uniform and it was nice to be together. We all received a small Tauranga pin from the Mayor to remember our special day. We watched a video all about Tauranga where we live and it reminded us all about just how beautiful Tauranga is. The Mayor said that the people of Tauranga love having international students coming to live in our city because it makes our city interesting and helps us to get to know other cultures. We had lots of photos with the Mayor and our friends. Afterwards we had a lovely morning tea and the sausage rolls and lolly cake were yummy!!

By Jooyeon Kim & Jessica Kum

Why is St Mary’s School Special?

St Mary’s School is very special because it has three playgrounds and a library, a swimming pool, the estuary, a tennis court, the field and the most important thing, it’s got Jesus.

By Rohan Moby ( Maramatanga)