Tika and Maramatanga Jesus Strand key teaching and learning

Jesus is a human person who was born into a Jewish family around 6-4 BC. He lived as a child just like us. As an adult Jesus invited the apostles to be his friend and follow him. What Jesus did when he lived on earth he continues to do today with the help of the Holy Spirit. We get to know Jesus through the bible stories. Jesus showed love and respect for the tapu of people in different ways; talking, listening, sharing meals, touching, healing and showing he cared for them. Jesus wants us to be like this.

Service Highlight

The school would like to recognise and thank the students who performed at the Parish Meal to welcome Father Rico. The Jump Jam was a great way to start the evening. Serrie Park played the piano beautifully and Nathan Holmberg was amazing on the saxophone. It is great to have such talent at the school and for students to be involved in active service. 


Song for Sunrise — Joy Cowley, New Zealand

Hey, beautiful morning, we’re singing your God song, a psalm of seas and mountains, of empty roads and houses yawning under a new blue bowl of sky.

It’s the song of the bellbird, of steaming cows in sheds, of freckled trout quivering in deep dark pools, and dew on cobwebs lacing trees.

Hey, beautiful morning, stay in our wakened hearts so we can carry your God song into the busy day.

Remind us that newness is an ongoing gift and that every moment is potential reborn, but if our ears become full of other concerns, and we lose the freshness of your song, then comfort us with the knowledge that you will sing with us again tomorrow, oh beautiful morning, oh song of God.

From Psalms for the Road by Joy Cowley, 2005 (2nd Edition 2014), Pleroma


Pono Tahi have been learning about the rosary. They used play dough to sculpt the beads on a mini whiteboard and label the prayers we say. This was then posted on Seesaw in our RE folder.

Teresa Rush