Month of the Rosary
October is the Month of the Rosary, students started the term with a Rosary liturgy and have been praying the rosary in the classrooms.

We focus on how our Mother Mary takes our prayers to God and intercedes on our behalf. 

To Mary by Joy Cowley
Mary, Mother of God,
you are the woman who is always there.
You celebrate with us the Bethlehems and Nazareths of our daily family living.
You stand by us in our Calvarys and are with us at Pentecost.
Whatever our need or wherever we are,
Mother of all seasons you are there. 
The images we have of you will change with our life’s journey.
You are the warmth of home and hearth.
You are the fertile full moon embracing land and tide.
You are the little secret thing, the kauri seedling rooted in earth and growing upwards,
outwards, to the Queendom of Heaven.
You are the Ark of the New Covenant. You are the clay chalice which holds the wine of Life.Ko te koha koe
Ko te koha koe
You are the silent space of prayer in our lives.You are the yes to God, our yes to growth, our yes to the birthing of Christ in the world.
And however we see you or fail to see you, you are always there.

Religious Education Term 4 
This term our focus is on the Sacrament Strand.

How am I called to be holy and serve?

Aroha team: The focus is on the Sacraments of Healing and how we are Confirmed in the Spirit.

Whakapono: The focus is on the Sacraments of Forgiveness and Food for Life.

Maramatanga and Tika: The focus is on the Sacraments of Welcome into holiness through Baptism.

Congratulations Eric and Ella Chea who were Baptised in the school Chapel on Thursday after the class mass. May God always be at your side. 

Teresa Rush, DRS.