Tena koutou katoa, Talofa Lava and a very warm welcome to everyone in our school community. 

A special welcome to Alexander Carter. 

I am very excited to announce that Ben Fuller is now back from study leave.  Welcome back Ben, it is great to have you back with us!  

Taylor Bros Transport Fireworks & Gala
A huge thank you to everyone who supported our fireworks gala this year.  We definitely wouldn’t have had the success that we have had without the input from so many.  In particular I would like to thank Taryn Joseph (parent and owner of  Thyme Management), Lee-Ann Taylor, Ana McFarlane, the whole of the PTA and St Mary’s staff for your hard work and dedication.  The gala is a huge undertaking and I have a whole new appreciation of the organisation involved.  

We had approximately 5000 people through the gate and it was a busy night.  The fireworks finale was incredible.  I will keep you informed of the money raised once that has been finalised.  

Jump Jam
Congratulations must go to all of our Jump Jam Teams and their coaches.  

1st year 1-4 open Team called Enchanters doing “Magic 2.0”. 

1st in year 4-8 all boys Team called the Misfits, doing “Captain jack”.

1st in  year 4-6 advanced open (the toughest division) Team called Senior Swifts doing song “Shake it off”.

3rd in year 4-6 open, Team called Crazy Circus doing song “Afro Circus”.

4th year 1-4 open Team called Muchachas doing Borriquito.

Learning Through Play
In Week 3, I was very lucky to attend a two day seminar run by Nathan Mikaere Wallis. This was an indepth look at the developing brain!  I walked away with a much deeper understanding of neuroscience research and it’s practical implications. 

Nathan is passionate about the importance of the first 1000 days of a child’s life and the development of the brain from conception to 32 years, with an emphasis on the early years of childhood and schooling.  He emphasises the importance for children to develop positive dispositions towards their learning and their culture, and to develop their creative and thinking skills.  

I highly recommend that you spend 40 minutes of your time listening to the following interviews, with Nathan, on Radio New Zealand:

What 3 - 7 Year olds Need to Learn - 26 mins


Kids With Interpersonal Skills Come From Homes Where There Are Rich Conversations - 17 mins.


I will be running two information sessions on Play based learning in the BAMJC on Tuesday 20th during our Open Morning, 9 - 10:30am.  

Thank you for your support.

That’s me signing off for the last time as Acting Principal.  Thank you for being such a supportive community during my time in this position, I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it and gained a great insight into the very diverse nature of the role of the principal.  

Nga mihi nui

Anna MacKinnon
Acting Principal