Home Baking and Stationery Sale for Whakapono Team - Thursday 1 June

Here's an exciting project that has been happening in Whakapono Team in Room 3.

Two very innovative children have spent a lot of their own time recently making home baking and stationery.

They wish to sell the baking and stationery to the children in Year 3 and 4 this Thursday 1 June at lunch time.

Where: BAMJC foyer if it is raining, or from the tennis courts if it is fine.

All proceeds will go to charity. Money that they make will be donated to Caritas which is their charity of choice.

Your child is invited to bring some gold coins to purchase the baking or stationery if they wish to at this time.

Thank you

Special Character - 15 May 2017

Holy Week: Last term ended with students, staff and whanau reflecting on the last days of Jesus life and we started back this term with the joy and love of the Resurrection. 

Holy Week liturgies started with a reenactment of Jesus entering Jerusalem on a donkey.  Students dressed in ‘Jesus’ clothes and then processed from the liturgy to the field for a donkey procession. On Monday our liturgy focused on Washing of the feet and the Last Supper. Tuesday we reenacted the scenes at the Garden of Gethsemane. To follow on Wednesday we had a very reflective Good Friday liturgy.  On a very wet Thursday we prayed the stations of the cross. It was a very moving week as we journeyed with Jesus during his final hours.  Upon our return to school we were able to have a very joyful Resurrection liturgy. 

We are now in the season of Easter, students are being encouraged to become Easter people in three ways. 

Live with Joy

Joy is a deep-down gladness that cannot be taken away, even in the midst of sorrow. The suffering of Jesus was transformed through faith in the Risen Christ. With this faith, we are able to hold on to an enduring sense of joy even in the midst of the sadness we experience from the loss of a loved one, a failure to achieve an important goal, or a setback during recovery from an illness. We need to live each day joyfully.

Live without Fear

The Resurrection teaches us that God can overcome anything, even death. When the Risen Christ appears to the women at the tomb and later to his disciples, his first words are “Do not be afraid!” (Mt 28:5,10) These words speak to our hearts, helping us cope with the fear from the loss of a job, a serious illness, or a crumbling relationship. Our faith allows us to trust that God can overcome our most serious problems.

Live with New Eyes

Easter means to live with a sense of newness.  Just as the return of spring lifts our spirits and makes us feel like the whole world is new, the Resurrection of Jesus makes “all things new.” (Rev. 21:5) The Easter spirit is a spirit of renewal that enables us to show up at work with a positive attitude, to renew relationships that have been taken for granted, and to express appreciation and affection to those closest to us. It means to see the world through new eyes—God´s eyes.

We can use these 50 days to cultivate an Easter spirit that enables us to be truly Christian: embracing joy, living without fear, and seeing the world again—as if for the first time.

This term teaching will focus on the God strand.  Leading students to know God better and further developing their relationship with God.  A major focus is on God in our lives today, what can we learn from Scripture to bring us closer to God in today’s world.  Ask your child to share with you what they are learning at school.  Help them build their links between school and home and family life; What is your family’s relationship with God? How can that be developed?

Farewell Father Santey

Last week we thanked and farewelled Father Santey.  We wish him all the best at the Tyburn Monastery which I am sure he will really appreciate the spirituality and beauty the Tyburn Monastery offers.  We look forward to welcoming Fr Danny and getting to know him.  

Mothers Day

We wish all the Mothers/ Grandmothers/ Aunties and those who are spiritual mothers a very blessed Mothers Day.

May Mary shine her love on you all. 
Thank you, Lord, that you fill a mother’s heart with love,
That you have instilled in her very being the need to protect her children if at all possible,
Thank you for giving her the gift of nurturing her children, of teaching them, of comforting them, 
or feeding them and making a safe place for them.
For guiding them to be all that God has created them to be.
We pray for those women who are not mothers
But still love and shape us with their motherly care and compassion.
Fill every mother with love, wisdom and endurance, 
with strength and patience and joy.
Give them ability to forgive again and again.
Enable her to rely on You and  call upon You, because You will give her all she needs.
In Your precious and all powerful name, Amen

Teresa Rush
Director of Religious Studies

Book Fair is coming………

Exciting range of popular titles supplied by Scholastic.

When: Wednesday 7 June to 9 June 2017

Where: St Mary’s School Library

Times: 8.30am to 3.30pm 

Dress Up Day Wednesday 7 June 2017

As part of the book fair we are having a dress up fun day on Wednesday 7 June.  Children (and staff) will have a chance to dress up as their favourite “Book Character” such as aliens, pirates, knights, robots, dragons, fairies, cowboys, Indians, animals, just to name a few.

We want costumes that are exciting, interesting, creative and fun.

Mufti (ordinary clothes) is not considered a costume.

The costume needs to include a badge with the name of the character or title of book character is from.

Each child must be in an individual costume.  Two children cannot share one costume.

No props / things that need to be carried (eg swords, weapons etc).  Children can come to school in their costume, but they MUST bring their uniform to school to change into later in the day. If a child chooses not to wear a costume then they must wear their uniform.

There will be a costume parade which begins at 9.15am in the BAMJC. Parents are most welcome to come and watch.

Needed: some assistance with book fair sales during peak times – 8.30am–9.30am, 12.30pm-1.30pm, and 3.00-3.30pm Wed and Thur.  Just 8.30-9.30am on Fri.  If you can help please contact Debbie in the Library. 

Learning through play

Learning through play is a term used to describe how children learn to make sense of the world around them. Through play children develop social and cognitive skills, mature emotionally, and gain the self-confidence required to engage in new experiences and environments. Play empowers creativity and problem solving.

In our Year 0 -1 programme we allow our children opportunities throughout the day to engage in meaningful play.  Loose parts are materials that can be moved, carried, combined, redesigned, lined up, and taken apart and put back together in multiple ways.

Do you have any of the following items? We would appreciate any of the following...

tyres, planks of wood, pipes, tubes, tarpaulin, nuts and bolts, stones, stumps, sheets, fabric, mats / carpet squares, driftwood, untreated wood, wooden blocks, nets, pallets, buckets, baskets, crates, bike inner tubes, boxes, logs, rope, shells and seedpods, buttons and beads, cotton reels, foam pads, sponges and boxes.  Many thanks in anticipation.

Quiz Tickets are now on Sale

St Marys PTA invites you to register your table for the Famous Quiz Night, Saturday 20 May 2017.

Please complete the below google forms to book your tickets.

FOR TABLE TICKET SALES: http://bit.ly/2pVTzmh

Tables are $250 for a group of ten people.  You may purchase only one table.  Tables are limited to 18 and will be sold on a first in first served basis. 


Tickets are $25 per person and you will be placed at a table with 9 other people to make a table of ten.  You are able to purchase more than one ticket.  Individual tickets are limited to 20 and will be sold on a first in first served basis. 

We are very fortunate to already have many auction prizes available.  Here are are just a few of the auction prizes you could win!!  

Principal for the Day - Priceless

Deputy Principal for the Day - Priceless

Babysitting Services - Priceless - Liz Driver, St Marys School

St Mary’s Fireworks Extravaganza Prize, which includes a VIP Ticket with VIP Parking, entry into the VIP area and nibbles PLUS the opportunity to set off the 2017 Fireworks display! - Priceless

Snoring Therapy x 3 -  Eden Sleep 

Teeth Whitening & Toothbrushes x 2 Jennifer Corson - Corson Dental 

My Food Bag Voucher

Numberworks Lessons Voucher - Leanne Robinson - valued at $500.00

Vegepod self watering Vegetable Garden system - Lisa Lowe - valued at $299.00

GHD Hair Dryer and Products - Carolyn Redshaw, Peros Hairtek - valued at $350.00

Immerse Nail and Beauty $35 Voucher + Product - Becky Wilde - valued at $145.00

If you have would like to donate a prize then please contact Michelle at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Our 2016 Principal (Jack) and Deputy Principal (Mikayla) share their experience of being in the top jobs last year.

BoP Primary School Marist Tournament

Well done to the St Marys students that turned out for our Marist rugby club at Saturdays BOP Primary schools Marist Tournament. The tournament is played each year between the three Marist clubs in our region, Tauranga – Greerton Marist, Rotorua – Marist St Michaels and Whakatane Marist.

Winners:  U6s - Whakatane, U7s - Whakatane, U8s - Draw Whakatane & Tauranga, U9s - Whakatane, U10s - Tauranga, U11s - Tauranga, U12s - Whakatane U13s - Tauranga

An excellent day was had by all. We now look forward to next year’s tournament and a strong representation from our St Marys students in Marist colours in 2018.  

Taekwondo Success

Joshua (Room 7) and Jazmine Oficial (Room 10)  began Taekwondo in 2016 and are now yellow belts. They have entered two competitions and been successful already. Josh has won one gold and two silver medals and Jazmine has won two gold and one silver medal. They practise twice a week and are training hard for the Nationals later in the year.  Congraulations Joshua and Jazimine.  

Taekwondo Success

Joshua (Room 7) and Jazmine Oficial (Room 10)  began Taekwondo in 2016 and are now yellow belts. They have entered two competitions and been successful already. Josh has won one gold and two silver medals and Jazmine has won two gold and one silver medal. They practise twice a week and are training hard for the Nationals later in the year.  Congraulations Joshua and Jazimine.