Catholic Character 21 June 2018

Prayers for the Meehan familyPlease keep the Meehan family in your prayers. Anselm Meehan passed away on Thursday night. We pray for his wife Leonie, and his family. Anslem is Anna McKinnon, Joanne Meehan and Nicola Meehan’s Father, and Grandfather to Dolores McMaster who are all members of our staff. 

Sacramental programme
Please keep our students who are making their First Eucharist this weekend. May they always know that God is with them and have the opportunity to receive Eucharist continually throughout their life. It is a very exciting time for the students and we wish them all the best on their very special day.

Thank you to the staff from school and the parish who have prepared them. We are grateful for these faithful people volunteering their time and love to guide our children on their faith journey.

Pastoral Care
We have an active pastoral care system in place for when an event happens in the life of your family that you may need support with.  A birth, death, sickness or financial hardship can be some instances where we can provide support as a School Community. Pastoral Care includes meals, kindly supplied by the PTA or assistance with fees or uniforms. Please contact Anna MacKinnon if you require assistance.  

Cluny Foundation Charitable Trust
The Cluny Trust was established to assist and advance students and other members of the St Mary’s Catholic community in Tauranga.  

Specifically, the purpose of the trust is to help students who are in need of assistance to enable participation in educational and extracurricular activities.

Please pick up a pamplet from the school office if you would like more information.

Catholic Convention
An amazing three days attended by Bishops, Priests, Catholic educators, Board of Trustees and others associated with our national Catholic education system. 

Keynote speakers included Dame Therese Walsh; Professor Br David Hall; Fr. Daniel Horan; David Wells.

School Feast Day - Friday 6 July
Friday we will celebrate our school feast day. On this day we will also take part in mufti mania - Caritas More information will follow shortly in regards to the school’s feast day. 

This year our aim is to have students actively serve in our community. 
We would like to acknowledge Luke Tustin who altar serves. He is our only student who altar servers within our school and parish community.  
May others be inspired to become altar servers. Please see Teresa Rush if your son or daughter would like to become an altar server. 

Cluny Sisters News
The Sisters of Saint Joseph of Cluny have a new Superior General, Sister Clare Stanley SJC - the first African woman to be chosen to lead the congregation. She was elected by all the Sisters gathered in their General Chapter in Paris. May the Lord bless Sister Clare in her work of leadership and service for the Sisters throughout the world.

“It is quite an historic event as Sr Clare is the first African woman to be chosen as our leader. Anne Marie Javouhey was the first woman missionary to Africa from France about 200 years ago and was instrumental in making sure local men and women were sent for training as priest and religious for Africa” (Sister Allison)

Please continue to keep Sister Allison, Sister Emile and Sister Gabrielle in your prayers as they travel to France and Ireland. 

Mark’s Gospel 
We are delighted that Father John Jolliffe SM is offering some talks on Mark’s Gospel, the Gospel we read from most Sundays during this liturgical year: “Following Jesus Christ in Mark’s Gospel” 
The talks are at the following times: 

St Mary Immaculate Church - 6pm  
Tuesday 26th June 
Tuesday 3rd July

St Joseph’s,  Te Puna - 10am 
Friday 22nd June 
Friday 29th June 

Please let Margie from the parish office know (578 6209) if you will be attending at either time, to give Father John some idea of how many to expect.

St Mary’s staff have been fortunate that Fr John has been leading professional development on Lectio Divina and Mark’s Gospel. 

Teresa Rush


Everyday (Except Friday’s) Club

Willow and Lottie of Whanau Broadmore have really embraced our school Charism of doing a little good.  

The girls independently started a club, the Everyday (Except Friday’s) Club,  where children who may not have anyone to play with or want to make new friends can go at morning tea and lunchtimes.  Activities are art and craft based. 

What a fantastic initiative girls!  If you have old colouring in books or other art and craft material you no longer use, the girls would certainly put it to good use.  Please hand into Mrs Broadmore, Room 12.

Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L)

PB4L at St Mary’s allows us to have....

  • consistency in the language we use
  • consistency in what is taught and learned
  • consistency in the way our school values
  • are the cornerstone of everything we do

This week our focus has been:

I am proud of the work I do and try to do my best

Alana from Pono Tahi reflected on this focus, sharing her work on Seesaw.
‘I am proud of my 3D cube. I tried really hard to make it look as good as I could.”

Seth from Pono Rua also reflected on this focus,
‘I am proud of my writing because I tried hard to use lots of adjectives.  I added detail to describe people and my writing had lots of interesting parts.”

We will be learning about the following expectations during the next few weeks of this term:

Week 4: I use my inside voice

Week 5: I look after my belongings and classroom equipment

Week 6: I walk on decks and pathways

Lisa Broadmore
PB4L Leader/Coach

Mauao Book Launch

Kia Ora koutou,

Many of you may be aware that I have recently written and illustrated a bilingual picture book which tells the oral tradition of Mauao, and very soon it will be available for purchase in book shops everywhere.

This came about because as a kapahaka and reo teacher at St Marys Catholic School, we draw on the story of Mauao constantly to share with the kids – but we have never had a resource to show them. One day I visited the library to look for a single book and after finding nothing on the shelves, I asked the librarian, ‘Do you have any Maori picture books that tell local Maori stories?’ She shook her head to say no, but then she said ‘maybe you should write one…’

Two or three years later and that book that I was trying so hard to find in the library, is the book that I have now completed. I couldn’t find it, so I wrote and illustrated it myself.

One of the greatest things about this project was being able to draw on my passions; writing, storytelling, drawing and Te Reo; to complete the whole book myself. I didn’t have to wait on anyone else and just worked at my own pace - which was still relatively fast. The only thing I did have to wait for was for my kids to go to bed so I could get my paintbrushes and art materials out and paint in peace. Like Mauao, I was waiting for the cover of darkness to get moving.

For my upcoming book launch, I would be extremely humbled to have some of our St Marys kids and whanau there.

Like the very last line of ‘E Hika’ says;

‘E kokoia e ara e’

That line translates to mean, ‘The birds have awakened. Dawn has come.’ For Mauao, this meant the stark realisation that he would not fulfil his wish however, for us I think this line can represent the awakening of our wairua, our learning of Maori traditions and our connection with Mauao. All in all, bringing a new dawn too - for us the people and also for our hometown.

Naku noa, Tamoe Ngata
St Mary’s Kapa Haka Tutor

Support Staff Day

On Wednesday 16th May we celebrated International Support Staff Day.  Our support staff are amazing and we couldn’t do without them.  They make the following things possible: Belonging, productivity, success, empowerment, achievement, inclusion, confidence and safety.  

We thank our following support staff;  Debbie Nowell, Jodi Carey, Lee Roper, Nicola Meehan, Jannet Underson, Duncan Vietch, Natasha Parry, Si Yeong Hong, Heather Kavanagh, Steven Finlayson, Carol Hitchcock, Karen Mulhern and Theresa Dunston.

Board News 17 May 2018

Hello to all. Hopefully the first few weeks of the new term are moving along nicely for everyone.

First of all, we’d like to welcome our newly selected Parent Representative on the Board, Tania Wilson.  Tania has two children here at St Mary’s: Isabella and Benjamin, and will start her work with us this week. We’re really looking forward to working with her, and gaining from the wonderful skills and experience she’ll bring to our team.   

Our staff and students are also working very hard right now on preparing for another amazing school Production, and I’m sure you’ll all come along and support them on the performance nights.  We give our thanks to the team at Gobsmacked also for their tireless efforts coaching our children to brilliance.

Thank you to all those who contributed to the Policy Reviews for Term 1.  Your responses are being reviewed and any agreed amendments will be updated by next term.   Term 2 Policy reviews will be for the ‘Reporting to Parents’ Policy: very timely with our new reporting structure rolling out this term now we are no longer using National Standards.  The links to this will come out in the next couple of weeks.

So, for now we wish you the best of luck for Cross Country, and hope you enjoy the rest of the term.

Claire Stott
Board Chair

PB4L - Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L) 

The Positive Behaviour for Learning School-Wide framework, otherwise known as PB4L, is helping many New Zealand schools build a culture where positive behaviour and learning is a way of life. This framework was introduced to our school three years ago, and through collaboration between children and staff, is tailored to our own St Mary’s school environment, special character and cultural needs.  PB4L is not about changing the students, it’s about changing the environment, systems and practices we have in place to support them in making positive behaviour choices.

Key to the framework is consistency, that behaviour is explicitly taught in the same way academic skills are taught. 

We have 3 school rules

Be. respectful to self

Be. respectful to others

Be. respectful to the environment

We practise our 3 school rules through the values of:   

Truth         Tika

Wisdom     Maramatanga

Faith          Whakapono

Mercy         Aroha 

Each week we have a behaviour expectation that is taught from our school Behaviour Matrix.  Please note the following behaviours that we will be focusing on during the first five weeks this term:

Week 1:   Revise Classroom treaty agreed to in term 1

Week 2:  I am ready to learn

Week 3:  I am proud of the work I do and try to do my best

Week 4:  I use my inside voice

Week 5:  I look after my belongings and classroom equipment

The children earn Be. Tokens for following our school rules and matrix expectations and at the end of every term we have a Celebration Assembly.  The House with the most Be. Tokens wins an ice block for everyone in their House. 

Congratulations to Cluny for being the winners in term 1! 

We look forward to bringing you more information regarding PB4L in our newsletters.

Lisa Broadmore
PB4L Leader/Coach

Special Character 2 May 2018

This terms focus is: How do I let the Holy Spirit work through me?

All students are learning about the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit working within us.

The school will focus on the value of Mercy this year. Mercy is defined as empathy or love that manifests itself in action that is practical and thoughtful, warm and open, respectful and enabling. The value of mercy is inextricably linked to compassion, justice, dignity, excellence, hospitality, stewardship.

We continue our focus on ‘Service.’ To support at home you can talk to your child about the service that they do at home. Even the daily small tasks we do can be to glorify God by doing what we do with love and care for others. 

Sursum Corda. Sursum Corda is taking a break until after the Production. The will no longer be singing at the Saturday night mass on the 12th May.

Sacramental Programme. Please continue to pray or the students who are now preparing to receive the sacrament of Confirmation. Bishop Steve will be Confirming them on Sunday 20th May 2pm.

Praying the Rosary every Monday afternoon at 2.30pm

Learn how to pray the Rosary every Monday the Cluny Chapel.  Books are available to follow along.  

Teresa Rush 

From the Principal 2 May 2018

Kia ora koutou katoa, Talofa Lava, Malo e lelei, Ni Hao, Anyoung haseyo, Magandang umaga, Konnichi wa, Guten tag, Bonjour, Ola, hello and welcome back to Term 2.  We hope you had a relaxing break and enjoyed spending the extra time with your children. 

Last term our learning was focused on the theme of ‘Diversity and Globalisation’.  It is wonderful to see and celebrate the diversity within our school, and if you had a chance to see the map in the foyer last term you would be aware that we are a very diverse community in terms of our whakapapa.  There are three nationwide events this term that will celebrate our diversity - New Zealand Sign Language Week (Week 2), Samoa Language Week (Week 5) and Matariki (Week 7+).  We will be celebrating these within our classes and / or through Liturgy and Assembly.  

A warm welcome to our new students...
Abigail Albert, Seoyeon Choi, Maverick Damasco, Cassidy Dobbs, Paige Eastergaard, Maxwell Hirst, Arthur Inglis, Gabriel Lewis, Luke Swanson and Lucija Walker. 

We look forward to welcoming all new students at our New Families Liturgy on Tuesday 8th May at 10am.  

Term Two Learning
The term ahead is looking extremely full and exciting and I am looking forward to the opportunity and challenge of being Acting Principal for the next 2 ½ terms whilst Ben Fuller is on study leave.  

All students and teachers will be busy practising their songs and dances for our Gobsmacked production ‘Mad Pearse Takes Flight’ which will be performed at Bethlehem College Performing Arts Centre at the end of May.  

Our school production fits in perfectly with our learning this term which is focused on two main themes:

1: Innovation and Enterprise, related to Richard Pearse and flight (through technology and the Arts)

2: Our Catholic Values and the Key Competencies.  The production will be used as a source to  teach and reinforce our Catholic values and how we treat people.  The show provides many learning opportunities in relation to the challenges that Richard Pearse faced in his life and how he overcame this adversity. 

We have two events that will further support our learning in these areas this term:  Bully Free Week (Week 3) and Life Education Trust (Week 5 - 7).  

Our School Values
Our school values of Trust (Tika), Mercy (Maramatanga), Faith (Whakapono) and Love (Aroha) underlay all we do at St Mary’s School.  Our newsletters this term will include fortnightly ‘snapshots’ of how we use ‘Positive Behaviour For Learning’ (PB4L) to support our values and our behaviour expectations.  We will use this opportunity to promote the positive things we are doing as a school to reinforce great behaviour.  We believe that staff and students come to school every day to give their best and be the very best they can be. 

Our new way of reporting starts rolling out this term and all students who are at St Mary’s for a full year, will receive two reports.  The first students to receive their reports this term will be those who have their school start anniversary or interim (halfway between) in March, April and May.  

These reports have seen input from many.  The report is student driven and shares your child’s current strengths and next steps.  There is a strong focus on our Catholic Character and the Key Competencies.  The focus has shifted away from placing your child according to the National Standard and we aim to celebrate the progress that your child is making in Reading, Writing and Mathematics and the attitude that they bring to each of these curriculum areas.  

I will be holding 20 minute ‘Reporting Information Sessions’ in the staffroom over the next couple of weeks.  Please check the calendar within this newsletter for dates and times.  

End of School Day
The safety of our students is of utmost importance and children left at school to wait for parents are a concern.  A duty teacher will roam the school at 3:10pm and collect all students who are not being supervised by an adult.  They will be sent to the office to wait for their ride home, so please pick them up from there.  If your child is still here by 3.30pm you will need to consider enrolling them in the After School Care service held at school. Please contact the school office or phone Shelley the After School Care Coordinator on 0273102090 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Our new Facebook page
Please join our page if you haven’t done so already.  We encourage you all to follow the great things that are happening at St Mary’s and keep informed through this  link:

We look forward to a successful term ahead, with lots of learning across the curriculum.  Thank you for your continued support.

Nga mihi nui

Anna MacKinnon
Acting Principal