Meet the Teacher Evening

Parents and caregivers are warmly invited to join us for our ‘Meet the Teacher’ evening on Monday 9 February  starting at 5.00pm. Each presentation will set out the team and class room expectations for learning, home learning, behaviour management and assessment and reporting for the year ahead.

We have staggered the starting times, to allow parents with children in different year levels to attend the separate presentations.

5.00pm: Tika/Junior Team will meet in the Modern Learning Environment/Room 16, with a welcome by our Principal, Ben Fuller.  Team Leader, Fay Warnock and Junior Team teachers will follow with their presentation. 

5.30pm: Whakapono/Middle School will meet in  the Blessed Anne Marie Javouhey Centre, with a welcome by Mr Fuller. Team Leader Gerardine Robbie, and Middle Team teachers will follow with their presentation.

6.00pm: Aroha/Senior School will meet in the Blessed Anne Marie Javouhey Centre, with a welcome by Mr Fuller. Team Leader Jacq Price, and Senior Team teachers will follow with their presentation.

PTA Sausage Sizzle Friday 12 December


This Friday 12 December, the PTA is having our final Sausage sizzle of the year.

Hotdog in a bun - $2

Drink - $2

Potato chips - $1.50

Thank you for your support during the year and looking forward to another successful year to come.

Wishing you all a happy and Holy Christmas.



Kids for Kids World Vision Concert

On Wednesday 22 October all our year 5 and 6 students took part in the World Vision Kids for Kids Concert at BayCourt .

It was an amazing night! Our students performed and sang so well . We were very proud of them. They had a great time singing songs with guest performer Nathan King.

Nathan King was an outstanding performer, had a beautiful voice and certainly was a great dancer! He really engaged the students and made it a very memorable and fun night for them.

We were especially proud of four of our St Mary’s students who were chosen to sing soloist parts - India Mahy, Sam Taane, Tia Powell and Callum Jeffries. Our congratulations to them.

World Vision Kids for Kids Concert at BayCourt

News from the Library

The end of the term is fast approaching and the school library will be closing on 8 December for stocktaking.  It would be a great help if all library books are returned to the library by this date.

Congratulations to Charlotte Madams

Congratulations to Charlotte Madams from Room 7 who now has her Black Tip in Taekwondo. She is part of The World Tae Kwon Do Federation.  This is a really great achievement as it takes lots of hard work and dedication to get to this level. Charlotte will spend the next 12 -18 months working towards her Junior black belt.  Well done Charlotte!

Launch of Google SITE ePortfolio system for each student imminent

Supported by current research and the Ministry of Education’s “Assessment Position Paper Assessment”, St Mary’s School Tauranga is placing greater value on student voice in the Assessment and Reporting. Our assessment and reporting processes put the student at the centre whilst refining our teacher feedback and feedforward strategies to further develop our learning vision ‘ To develop Assessment Capable Students, Teachers, School Leaders and Parents’ in 2015.

In 2015, using each child’s personalised, Google SITE ePortfolio, each student from Year 1 to 6, will share their PROGRESS toward the criterion based National Standards in Reading Writing and Mathematics, collated in a digital Learning Story.

Access to Technology devices has allowed both students and their teachers to interact, co construct and create far richer narratives of a learners achievement and progress than any report card could replicate.

Students and their teachers can design the story of a child’s learning through a collection of learning artefacts, collate, archive and share rich authentic learning and assessments  in real time with parents.

You will soon be able to access your children’s learning stories through a link on our website here {**************Add link to a Coming soon page!)

Jump Jam Champions!

For the second year running, St Mary’s was the most successful school in New Zealand at competitive Jump Jam. At the North Island finals held on 1 November, our Boys team and the Senior team were North Island Champions, and the Junior team performed out of their skins to get second place in their first year of jump jam. The secret to our success was the huge team effort from everyone involved; from the coach, and the parents who did an incredible job assistantant coaching and costuming.  Also we mustn’t forget our three teams of children who performed with such confidence and did everything asked of them and more. A special mention of Tewi Curtis-Lowe, Toby Taylor, Jasper Hawkes, Joe Vincent, Dominic Piceno, Alisha Yeatman and Bella Broadmore, who leave St Mary’s this year after three wonderful years of jump jam success. Also a very special mention of Colleen Curtis–Lowe and Lee Ann Taylor who have done an amazing job over the last three years, with their costumes for the boys resulting in perfect scores every year. We are sooo going to miss these mums!

Kim Artus
Jump Jam Coach

Cricket Carnival

What a fantastic day out with two fabulous boys teams! Well done to our Golden Eagles, representing England, who triumphed over the other nations and won the WBoP title.  A mighty effort in the wind and rain!!

Also doing very well were the Super Strikers, UAE, who finished a credible 6th from 16th nations.

An additional highlight for the teams was to see the REAL World Cup trophy, which was brought to the Bay Oval by Chris Harris.

Thanks to Paul Wills, Julie Wilkinson, Rachel Dew, Kel Jones and Ross McCurran who supported the teams.

Kellie Low, Sports Coordinator

Tree of Remembrance

 Many of you will have noticed our tree of remembrance which is on the blackboard in the foyer.

Teachers and students have been writing the names of our loved ones who have died on the leaves of the tree as we remember in this month of the Holy Souls our loved ones who have died. Parents are very welcome also to add names of loved ones on leaves so we can add these special people to our prayers.